Starter Multi-Decoration System

Starter Multi-Decoration System

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Included Multi-Decoration Design and Production Software:

Smart Designer Pro 2019 - Graphic Design and Production Software

Smart Designer Pro is the design automation software for the system. Smart Designer Pro seamlessly adds over 150 features to CorelDRAW that automate and simplify complex design and production processes. Anyone regardless of skill level can quickly and easily produce custom graphics without the traditional learning curve. Smart Designer Pro is the foundation of our graphics system.

Rhinestone Designer 2019 - Rhinestone Multi-decoration Software

Rhinestone Designer is the rhinestone multi-decoration and heat applied graphics software for the system. This software has the industry’s premier feature set for producing and designing multi-decoration apparel and rhinestone decals. Rhinestone Designer can be used to create multi-decoration graphics that combine rhinestone transfers, vinyl cut transfers, screen printing, direct to garment printing, sublimation, and appliqué.

Included Rhinestone Multi-Decoration Starter Kit:

Each system includes all of the material and supplies to get started in rhinestone multi-decoration.

  • Basic Rhinestone Starter Kit with Wonder Flock rhinestone template material, transfer film, backer boards, and brush pad. 
  • 50 gross of ss10 Clear Crystal Premium GemCut Rhinestones.

Included Graphics Collections:

  • Smart Designer Sample Pack
    • 144 Design Templates & 123 Vector Clipart Images
  • Premier Graphics Fall 2019
    • A collection of design templates, clipart, rhinestone patterns, embroidery files, and fonts
  • Rhinestone Designer Sample Pack
    • Rhinestone patterns/fonts, templates, and clipart
  • Rhinestone Designer Pattern Pack
    • Over 600 rhinestone patterns and cut-ready clipart images

Included Training Resources:

  • DAS Multi-Decoration System Training and Marketing Guide
  • Access to Over 300 Youtube Training Videos
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • Free Weekly Live Webcasts
  • Access to Recorded Webcast Archive
  • Access to Outsourced Graphics Service
  • Free Technical Support by Phone and Email