About us Digital Art Solutions

Digital Art Solutions was created to be the premier graphics solution for the decorated apparel industry.

Steve Mertens and his family had been in the industry since 1970, and he noticed a growing trend among decorators. He saw that many decorators started as hobbyists, but didn’t have the resources to become a thriving business.

Steve was able to identify the major problem holding them back: a lack of tools and training that allowed decorators to create, manage, and process artwork. They would either have to pay too much for a designer or spend countless hours trying to learn different graphics programs. That wasn’t okay with Steve, and Digital Art Solutions was born in 1992.

Steve (and his children Nicole and Craig) assembled a team of developers, artists, and educators to create an easy-to-use system for cutting edge graphics and designs. They also wanted to provide the training necessary to use those tools the right way to get more business and happier customers.

In 2019, Digital Art Solutions was acquired by InkSoft to allow for continued expansion and to provide a complete family of solutions for screen printers, apparel decorators, and print entrepreneurs.

The team of dedicated professionals at Digital Art Solutions continues to deliver the best quality software, digital art content, training, and support to allow decorators to take a giant leap forward. Whether a decorator is starting as a home-based side hustle or currently running a successful business, Digital Art Solutions provides a better way to create graphics, and a better way to grow.